5 tips to make it right and have more fun!


Snorkeling is the practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, a breathing tube and often swim fins. This equipment allows a person to observe underwater attractions for more extended periods than without using it and to breath while face down at the surface.


Indeed, snorkeling is a popular recreational activity, especially at tropical resort locations. It is an ideal option for those who like to observe underwater life in a natural and comfort  setting without the demanding training for scuba diving. Snorkeling also appeals to all ages due to how little effort is involved and surely can be considered as a great idea when you are touring with a boat. So, let’s see the most important tips to make this activity even easier.



Tip 1: Equipment


Snorkeling equipment does not have to be very expensive nor cheap. A major role is the quality of the equipment. You need to feel comfortable when wearing it and swim with it. You should prefer an adjustable mask that covers your nose and does not allow any water to enter. The best choice would be a mask with high peripheral vision and scratch resistant glass, that offers protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays.


Tip 2: The Snorkel


In other words, the breathing tube. It is important that the snorkel is simple and lightweight. It usually consists of a pipe, with valves for greater safety. In this way, you will be able to breath with your head below sea level. The best is to take an inhaler with a soft mouthpiece to avoid pain in your mouth and a wide tube to breathe more easily.


Tip 3: Location


If you want to snorkel, a beach without many waves and beautiful crystal clear waters is ideal. The slope of the ground allows you to decide how deep you want to go. You can make a good start by snorkeling in a sea that is popular for diving or by taking lessons and instructions from an experiment instructor. Also a good place to go snorkeling is around the rocky coast or small caves, that are so many in our area.


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Tip 4: Practicing breathing


Before you start your snorkeling experience, you should first experiment in a shallow, quiet place on a safe beach. of course, you must check your equipment, the mask and the breathing tube and make sure  that no water enters. Learn how to  breath properly by doing breathing exercises; hold your  breath under water and breathe over it. This habit is going to give you more experience and help you become more confident in order to try more distant excursions.


Tip 5: Informations and Warnings


It is especially important to be aware of currents, tides and suitable coasts in the area. It is true that a simple current could draw you away and completely change your course. Always, try to remember the point of entry, where you started and have a sign in mind, so as not to get lost. Notify in advance, someone of your own about where and when you are going to snorkel.  Safety always comes first!