The island you should visit this summer!


Known as the biggest island of Cyclades, Naxos is lately becoming a special destination for all types of travellers. The island offers a variety of activities. Either you need to relax on a beautiful beach under the sun or you can’t stop exploring nature’s gifts here comes a list of our favorite suggestions if you are about to visit Naxos.


Firstly, we should mention the island's archeological significance for those who love history. In the main town there are numerous visitable places such as the Archeological museum, Portara which is the temple of Apollo, old market and Naxos castle. Of course in Naxos you can find a lot more places with great historical interest near the town like Dimitra’s temple, Kouros or Flerio. Keep in mind that it is better to rent a car in order to commute since distances differ.  


For those of you who are more likely to stay on the beach and enjoy seaside fun, Naxos’ big coastline won’t disappoint you. There are popular locations mainly on the west coast of the island that you already have heard about; Plaka beach, Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Maragas, Orkos etc. However, a bit further of the well-organised beaches you can discover the real beauty of the island. Lay on white sand and swim in crystal clear waters. Driving a car or riding a bike can lead you to explore the Hawaii beach, Alyko, Kastraki and Glyfada in the south west coast of Naxos. Crowded or not you will definitely love Naxos’ beaches.


Maybe there are people who easily get bored by spending all day layed down at the beach. No worries, Naxos has the solution for the more active ones too! Take advantage of the very well-organised hiking network and start the adventure with a hike around Potamia village or go trekking on the top of the highest Mount of Cyclades, Mount ZAS. On the other hand if you can’t stay too far from water you can try taking a windsurf, kitesurf lesson or just enjoy a watersports such as tubes, banana boat or sea bike. Most known locations for watersports activities like these are Plaka, Mikri Vigla and Saint George beach.


Last but not least, Naxos is the ultimate destination for food lovers. Its fertility maintains a thriving agricultural economy and produces some of the most delicious vegetables, cheeses, meat and fresh fishes. Make sure you will try traditional products such as graviera, arseniko, mizithra cheese or zamponi (local dried in salt pork) at one of the local restaurants. “Rosto” is one of the island's best recipes you must taste visiting any local tavern in Apeiranthos,  a picturesque village in northern Naxos.