Do you really know how important it is to go for holidays after “covid time”.


During the last year, we had to experience a new way of living. The human kind for the first time had to deal with a global crisis due to a virus. Even if none of us knew how the things will go, we would find a way to calm down the spread of covid in a way that allows us to continue our lives as it was.


So after all this time that we stayed in our homes it is time to go out, enjoy the sun, relax with friends or family, meet new people and make some new unforgettable moments in places that you visit and explore for the first time.


A vacation (American English), or holiday (British English), is a leave of absence from a regular job, or a specific trip or journey, usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism. [] .


It is known for years that proper holidays away from our everyday life, in a nice relaxing environment can be tremendously refreshing for our body but even better for our mind. You would be much more creative and productive in your everyday life or job after a proper break for holidays. Find the opportunity to set problems aside and enjoy the main reason of life. Light is the answer, and the hot sun of Greece probably is one of the best things you can search for you and your family.


We were planning to start our new project Naxos Rent a Boat since last year but as everything had stopped we decided to postpone it for the summer season of 2021. So during the last year we had the time to be perfectly prepared  in order to offer you one of the best experiences you could have visiting Naxos. We have been organising sailing tours the last few years but now we decided to take it  one step further. Owing a RIB motor boat we are able to make the cruising time much shorter in order to have plenty of time enjoying the water, sunbathing or relaxing in the deck. 


We try our best for your comfort and safety..


In all of our cruises we book only a small number of guests. We try to be like a group of friends traveling and exploring new places all together. After all this period the time has come. Let us organise for you the perfect adventure, but at the same time relaxing day cruising with our motor boat to the small Cyclades, swim into caves, explore the seabed, snorkeling or even relax in the deck with a refreshment.