Naxos Rent a Boat

Looking for a luxury adventure this summer ?
Rent a motor boat with crew and explore the small cyclades in style.
Coming soon to Naxos, stay tunned!

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Naxos Rent a Boat is a new service launching in 2020 by Xanemo Sailing

We heard you, you don't want to spend a whole day on a boat because you are in Naxos for only 3 days. And you are not really confortable on a sailboat anyway. You are straight to the point, you want to go fast and explore the secluded bays in the small cyclades, get that incredible shot, share it on Instagram, and enjoy your time here.
Try this awesome alternative to the famous Naxos Sailing tours, and enjoy a perfect day at sea, with lots of fun, and create great new memories!

Half day luxury cruise, or full day adventure to the small cyclades, Paros, Anti-paros, etc. We are thrilled to present you our very new cruises! Hop onboard our luxury 8m rubber boat, and explore in style. Hire the safest motor yacht in Naxos, we will take amazing care of you and your family.

All inclusive

No hidden fees, all is included! Petrol, crew, insurance, wifi, drinks, snacks or lunch...

Extreme safety

We take safety very seriously. Our crew is highly experimented and trained to any situation! You are in good hands.

Snorkeling gears included

Get ready to swim! High quality snorkeling gears are provided with no extra charge!

Semi-private or private only

8 People maximum onboard for privacy, space and comfort. Come as guests, leave as friends.

Our Team

This project has been created by the Xanemo Sailing team, organising sailing tours in Naxos since 2012.

team 1

Dimitris Axaopoulos

Co-Founder and CEO

team 2

Jerome Bajou

Co-Founder and CTO

team 3

Depy Axaopoulou


Where to find us

Join us at Naxos main marina, or find us everywhere on Internet!

Naxos Rent a Boat
Naxos Main Marina
Chora, 84300 Naxos Island, GREECE

+30 699 711 58 65

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